As most of you gamers already know, Mass Effect Andromeda was released few days back(21st and 23rd March 2017). The game comes with 3 editions: Standard, Deluxe, Super Deluxe and Collector’s edition.

If you’re really interested in each edition’s comparison, an image can be found below. I’m not going to dive into it much as the main focus of this blog is how to obtain the digital soundtrack bonus item provided in deluxe/super-deluxe editions.

All the other items mentioned above have been easy to obtain ingame but unfortunately EA or Sony(for PS players) doesn’t do a very good job explaining when it comes to the digital soundtrack. Many gamers are confused as to how to obtain since it doesn’t get downloaded along with the game or cannot be found anywhere in the console library as well.

Later I found out that the only way to obtain this is to separately download it from a particular link – A common misconception people had was to think this would be made available by directly downloading the game like the other bonus items. Of course it goes without saying you need to have an EA Account to login and access the page.

Once in, you can click the “Download” button to start the file download which is 900MB. I have also made a descriptive video demonstrating this which can be found here.